Workplace Road Safety Guide

A Bilateral Approach to Organisational Road Safety in
Australia and New Zealand

Within Australia and New Zealand a high proportion of road related trauma is linked to work related purposes. This trauma is relevant to more than vehicle use although the majority is driving related. It also includes cycling and pedestrian road related trauma. Therefore, organisations large and small have an opportunity and obligation to share the responsibility to mitigate the risk of road trauma both locally and at a national level.

Ultimately, road safety, both within an organisation and in the community environment, requires leadership, support and willingness to act. This guide has been developed as a learning and enabling tool to support and focus an organisations willingness to act.

The guide was launched on the 5 May 2014 as part of the program's offical launch by Dr Jeff Potter, Project Director from the National Transport Commission. The guide will be updated periodically based on feedback received from those who have used it, this will help keep it current and applicable.

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